A printer is an external hardware peripheral output device. It accepts text and graphics from a computer that comes in the form of output and transfers the information to paper, generally to standard size of paper. Furthermore, if you have a wireless printer and want to create HP Wireless Printer Setup, then you can do it easily by following some simple steps. By connecting it with a wireless network allows you to print from a computer on the same network without attaching the printer with your computer. Not all HP printers have wireless functionality so make sure, your printer support Wi-Fi before continuing. However, here we are going to discuss how to connect HP OfficeJet wireless printer to a wireless network.

HP Printer Setup in a HP OfficeJet Wireless Printer

First of all you need to prepare yourself for the connection:  

You need to gather some information before setting up your printer on the wireless network.

Gather these following items:

  • Network name which is the Service Ser identifier (SSID).
  • Network password that is also known as the WEP key or WPA security passphrase.
  • A computer that needs to be connected with your wireless network.
  • Proper internet access: HP highly suggest to use broadband internet access like cable or DSL for downloading software, using web services and getting printer updates.
Now, follow the below mentioned steps to connect your HP OfficeJet Wireless Printer To A Wireless Network:

Make sure the computer and router are turned on and your computer is well-connected to the same Wi-Fi network in which you wish to connect your printer. After that, turn on your printer and place it close to the range of router and also within computer range during the setup procedure.

  • Disconnect all the connected USB or Ethernet cables from the printer’s end.
  • Simply turn on your wireless printer and wait for few minutes until it fully set. You can use the touch screen of your wireless printer to connect it with your wireless network.
  • On the touch screen of your HP OfficeJet Wireless Printer, press the right arrow key and then press setup.
  • Next, choose network from the setup menu.
  • From this network menu, choose the wireless setup wizard; it will then start to search for the wireless routers in the range.
  • Next, choose your network that is SSID from the list of networks.
  • Enter the WEP/WPA password if any set for your network and then press done.
  • After that, press OK to confirm the settings that you setup just now.
  • Hit ok again to print wireless report or press skip to leave out it.

After pursuing these steps, both wireless and wired computers on the network should now be able to browse the printer and can easily print from it. In any case, if you are unable to create HP Printer Setup over a wireless network then you need to join hands with the ingenious professionals. As they are highly qualified and will surely assist you in eliminate issues.