It is a very common tale that HP Printer Not Printing and suddenly stops working. At this moment, it left you stuck at your work that is very critical for you to finish. The clients are completely fed up with this issue and the customers who have brought these printers, are now banging their heads to the walls. So, keeping in mind everyone’s issue, we mentioned some measures by which you can eliminate Printer Not Printing issue on your own. Else, you also have the option to take assistance from ingenious professionals over a phone or chat to fix this issue swiftly.

Printer Hangs and Won’t Read

Sometimes HP printer hangs or won’t read content properly, which automatically results in printer not printing error. These issues arise from a variety of factors such as broken links, poor windows settings, outdated drivers or controllers. Even some natural items like no ink or paper jam can also trigger disappointment with the HP printer not printing.

Learn the step to Diagnose & Fix HP Printer Not printing hiccups

Solution to this problem is very easy, just follow the noted steps and check if it works for you:

  • Ensure that you have sufficient documents in the HP printer’s document cabinet. Also, make sure that there is no plastic or broken piece is available that can harm printer.
  • Check toner or ink cartridge for dry or empty ink. If these are empty then replace them straight away.
  • Make sure there is enough paper in the paper tray.
  • Always keep your printer driver up to date. If you use an outdated driver then it may cause some problem in printing.
  • Check whether connection to the printer from computer or via router is not broken or damaged.

Pending jobs in the Printing Queue

This issue is little bit technical but not too complex to attempt. Sometimes, if a printer gets lots of task of printing, then some of the work stuck in the pending list of publication. That stuck work doesn’t give clearance to new task. Thus, you get printer not printer error.

Resolution of this problem is:

One of the best methods that you can follow to fix this issue is hit and trial method. In this, you have to keep on experimenting with your HP printer until it doesn’t start working in an appropriate manner.

  • For this, open windows control panel by searching it in the search bar.
  • From the Windows control panel select Devices and printers.
  • Now, you need to type command in this dialog and then Hit Enter button.
  • Among the list of printing machine, look for your HP printer and make sure it is the one in which you are expediting issues.
  • Afterwards, right click on that printer and from the drop-down list select “see what’s being printed”.
  • At the bottom left of the screen, tap on the printer menu element. When the fresh folder starts then from the drop-down menu choose open as administrator.
  • Now, from the upper right corner of the page, click on the printer menu element and choose cancel all documents. Click on yes, if prompted to remove all records in the print queue.

Set Printer Default one

For resolving printer is not printing issue and to function properly, the best thing you can do is set your printer as a default one. Usually, by default windows transfer all the print work to the default printer. So, you need to set your HP Printer as a default printer.

In order to get a solution for this issue, the best thing to do is from control panel you need to get your printer re-installed and then use it again.

  • Open control panel by typing control panel in the search bar on the windows 10.
  • From the control panel go for devices and printers
  • In the list of printers, select your printer and right click on it.
  • Then choose set it as default and your printer is now set as a default printer.

Optimistically, after doing above mentioned so many things, you are able to resolve HP Printer Not Printing issue. If not, or you need some personal assistance, then you need to get in touch with the troubleshooting department of HP. To make connection with online experts, you can put a call on helpline number which is available all the time.