HP Wireless Printer Setup on MAC System is one of the easiest thing to do. HP ( Hewlett – Packard ) is one of the most renowned brands in the world when it comes to selling and manufacturing of Printers around the globe. They are one of the market leaders in the printing product segment. They have wide range of printer’s types to choose from depends on the use and requirements of the user. From Laser Jet to ENVY, everything is available under one roof. But, the process of printer’s software downloading and its set-up is different and separate for each printer type.

HP Wireless Printer Set-Up on MAC – Complete User Guide
HP Wireless Printer Set-Up on MAC – Complete User Guide

If you are also one of the HP Wireless Printer User and is looking forward to get the HP Printer Setup done over your MAC operating system in your Apple Computer then this is a perfect place for getting all the information. After reading this article, you will get to know the steps that are required to take for setting up your HP Wireless Printer over your MAC PC. How to connect printer to MAC? What Divers To Download? How To Install the HP Printer Software on MAC? Each and every question will be answered and concrete resolution will be provided for your HP Printer Set-Up.

Installation Of HP Printer Software on MAC

Firstly, we are going to describe you the various steps that are required to be taken by the user for Installing the HP Printer Software over your MAC PC. Follow the below mentioned steps for the installation –

  1. In the first step, the user is required to visit the Apple site.
  2. After reaching there, the user is required to click on the System Preferences option.
  3. In the next step, the user is required click on Printers & Scanners option or Print & Fax option, whichever displayed on the site.
  4. Now the user is required to search and click on his HP Printer model type out of all the options.
  5. After you click on your printer model, you will reach to the software download window where you need to click on the Download Option and the software downloading process will begin.
  6. After the downloading prompts, click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  7. In the next step, click on the Install Now option to install the software.
  8. Wait till the installation gets completed and then click on the Finish Option.
  9. Installation is completed now and you just need to give a test print form your system.

Here the HP Printer Software Installation Process gets completed. Whatever is your model type, the installation process remains the same.

HP Printer Drivers For MAC

Now, since you have installed the HP Printer Software in your MAC PC, the printer will work but not as per the standards. For best use and complete HP Printer Setup, you need compatible drivers. Below mentioned is the list of HP Printer Drivers that you must download and install in your MAC PC.

  • HP Printer Drivers v3.1 for OS X
  • Printer Drivers v5.1 for OS X
  • HP ePrint Software for Network and Wireless Connected Printers ( E-Print Software )
  • HP All-in-One Print and Scan Driver and Accessories ( Utility Software – 1 )
  • Easy Start Printer Setup Software ( Utility Software – 2 )
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows ( Utility Diagnostic Tools )

The download of these drivers will ensure the availability of latest HP Printing and Scanning Software.

HP Printer Wireless Set-Up on MAC

Now in order to do the wireless set-up of your HP Printer over the MAC, you need to follow the below steps –

NOTE – Kindly note the following things from the back of your Router in advance as you will be in need of them in the later process —

  1. Network Key / Password / Security Key / Encryption Key
  2. Network Name / SSID / ESSID
  • Connect printer to MAC through wireless mode using the router / Ethernet. System and the printer must be connected to the same internet connection.
  • Download the HP Easy Start Guide software over the MAC
  • Extract all the files and accept the terms and conditions and click OK and then the list will appear.
  • Select and click on your HP Printer Model from the list appeared.
  • Click on the printer to begin the wireless set-up
  • Now the user is required to click on any of the option – Wireless Connection OR USB Connection.
  • Answer all the questions appeared
  • Click on the Install button and when it gets completed click on the OK tab.

Your HP Printer is connected wirelessly with your MAC.

Follow these steps one by one with proper due diligence and your HP Printer Setup is done over the MAC.