HP Printer is one of the world class printing devices, which is mainly used for various printing tasks. While using it, suddenly it can show HP Printer Offline status errors. When your HP printer is connected to a wireless network, while printing the connection drops suddenly. Then status of the printer will be listed as offline on the computer system.  To fix HP Wireless Printer Offline errors, you can get the best technical support from certified printer experts.  However, you can follow the fundamental troubleshooting instructions for HP printer not connecting error and make best use of its wireless capabilities.

Reboot Printer, Wireless Router and PC

When you are trying to download something on the computer system, you should prevent it prior to proceeding with below technical instructions: –

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi router just by pressing on power option or disconnecting its power cord.
  2. Shut down the device and unplug its Ethernet or USB cables.
  3. Exit all running programs on the computer system and shut down it.
  4. Turn on the router rightly and wait for its activity light to display the connected status.
  5. Turn on the backside of the printer tracked by PC. In the case the wireless connection is dropping still, you need to move on the next step.
HP Wireless Printer Offline Errors
HP Wireless Printer Offline Errors

Change the Name of Wi-Fi Network

Changing SSID of the Wi-Fi network which is used to connect to the Printer might solve HP printer not connecting to device issue. If you have many routers with similar SSID, you can change one to make routers recognizable. This process will resolve the error due to incorrect wireless connection or drops in the connection. Just by changing the wireless network name, you need to reconnect compatible devices or a computer system to the correct network as the printing machine was connected to.

  1. You need to search the menu on the setup page of the router to change the name of the network.
  2. Allot a new name that is notable and unique and save the changes.
  3. You should reconnect the HP printer to new Wi-Fi network.
  4. If the device has text based and LCD control panel, then select setup > network menu or wireless menu and select wireless setup wizard. Then, you can follow the instructions displayed on Its LCD screen for linking the HP printer to the network.
  5. If your device has a basic control panel with options, you have to press on Wi-Fi router’s WPS option when the wireless light blinks on the printing machine and wait for it to set up a new connection to the network.

Thus just by applying all these above steps, you can solve HP Printer Offline issues completely from the root. You can also get the best technical guidelines from certified printer experts to fix the offline problems simply.