If you are using an HP printer, there is a slight possibility that it stops working or won’t work at all after the upgrade to windows 10. Don’t feel blue! As that’s exactly what numerous HP printer users have reported lately.  Luckily! When there is a problem, the solution is always there too. So, the resolution to this problem is also there, but it needed a handful of actions from your side.

Windows 10 is infamous for its printing issues, which results in effecting some of your serious work, although most of these issues can be solved by knowing some instructions or methods. To know them thoroughly, you can take help from the member of HP Printer Support team. All the members of this team are highly-experienced and know how to tackle all kinds of queries in a timely manner.   

HP Printer Won’t Scan Windows 10
HP Printer Won’t Scan Windows 10

 Fix your HP printer scan issue in windows 10 

  1. Check your printer status to see whether there is no ink in the cartridge or no paper jamming issue persists.
  2. Clear out the entire stalled job for your printer.
  3. Set your HP printer as default printer.
  4. Check for the basic HP printer troubleshooting options.
  5. Be sure to update HP printer driver.


If the above methods won’t work for you, or if you don’t have the patience, time or appropriate computer knowledge, to repair it by your own, then you need to make contact with the professionals of HP Tech Support  team. This support service is accessible throughout the day and night to help out customer’s query within a fraction of time.