In the age of advanced printing technology, HP printers have become the most quality printing devices for various printing purposes. These printing machines are producing quick results. While using them, you can face HP printer not printing on the left side of the page. According to the experts of HP Support team, this error is very annoying for most of the printer users. This situation becomes more problematic when they are unable to give print outs. While using it, users can face different kinds of technical issues. So, users should be aware of them.

HP Printer Not Printing on Left Side of the Page

What Is HP Printer not printing on the Left Side of the Page?

HP printer is one of the most important devices for any computer users. It helps in completing all printing tasks in the right ways. It is very helpful for both staff and clients to obtain the required details on the pages it generates. Finding pages, which have faded on one side of the paper, maybe annoying, go for the solution. The issue can be due to the quality of the papers or toner/ink cartridge wear, or it might be a difficult issue that needs professional repair and technical care. Even though, you can take many simple troubleshooting instructions to fix this error simply.

HP Printer Not Printing on Left Side of the Page

Fix HP Printer Not Printing on Left Side of the Page-

Step1:-First of all, you need to eliminate the paper presented in the printer’s paper tray.

Step2:-Replace old paper with new paper. It may be the possibility that the old paper had moisturized on one side or an irregular surface of the paper was creating the problem and replacing it with fresh paper will decide if it is the case.

Step3:– Commencing a word-processing program or web browser and navigate to any page, which is completely filled with graphics and text.

Step4:– Go for printing the page using fresh quality paper and make a sure freshly printed page to observe if the error continues. If the paper is constantly printing, the old paper was the cause. If not, go for the next step.

Step5:– Ensure carefully the status of your machine toner or ink. On the base of printer model, there may be a message displaying, “Low Ink”, or it may be a simple status indicating that red, yellow, or orange when the cartridge needs the right replacement. If the indicator shows that the replacement is necessary and goes for the next step.

HP Printer Not Printing on Left Side of the Page
HP Printer Not Printing on Left Side of the Page

Online Methods by experts for Resolving this technical error

Step6:– You have to open the toner/ink cartridge carriage area and take out the cartridge.

Step7:-Put a fresh cartridge into necessary toner/ink cartridge carriage.

Step8:-Start a word-processing program, or a web browser, and go for navigation to any page fully filled with the graphics and text.

Step9-Apply the test for printing page and make sure the freshly printed page to confirm that this is constantly printed. If the page doesn’t print rightly,  go for the next step.

Step10– Advise the printer users issued with the machine to get the details for authorized repairing facilities for the machine.

Step11– You can contact an authorized center to put a suggestion request with the technicians to repair the printing machine technically.


Thus by following all these above instructions, you can fix HP Printer Not Printing error simply. Still, if you’ve any technical issues, you can call our certified printer experts instantly.