One can connect the computer to HP wireless printer easily via WPS which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Many people today are looking to expand their home with wireless network and add additional printing capability. Having the freedom to use your home desktop or laptop anywhere in your house and then printing without taking any tension about connectivity is an authentic today. Choosing an HP Printers Support is the best way for the users who haven’t knowledge in the technical field. The expert tech-savvy person will let you inform all the possible solutions in an effortless manner.

HP Printer Is Connected To Wireless Network

HP Printer Is Connected To Wireless Network

Procedure of Checking If An HP Printer Is Connected To Wireless Network

Don’t feel blue! In case you don’t know the methods of connection of HP printer to wireless network. Just, have a glimpse on the below points:

  • The Wi-Fi indicator light should be ignited as well as solid green. If the Wi-Fi indicator light is not orange, then try reconnecting to a wireless network.
  • Make sure the SSID is correct.
  • Print a network setup page from the HP printer for checking the network settings.
  • Ensure that your WEP key or WPA passphrase is correct.
  • Log in to the wireless router and figure out the security settings.
  • Be assured that the HP printer is within the wireless network range.
  • For most networks, the printer, computer, or other wireless devices should be within 100 feet of the access point.
  • The HP printer should locate away from electronic devices that could interfere with the wireless signal.
  • The HP printer and access point should not detach by poles, walls, or any supports.
  • Many devices may interrupt with the wireless signal, including baby monitors, motors, cordless phones, security system cameras, other wireless networks, and some Bluetooth devices.

In case, you still find there is no wireless connection in your device, place a call at HP Printer Support Number. Once you call us, you will be get connected with our technical team member. They will direct you all the desired ways of checking process within a limited time interval. 24/7 accessible and available services we are offering to the helpless users.


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