HP Printer Error 49.4c02 is the most hideous issue that is being faced by the numbers of users. When such an error code appears on the HP printer screen, it halts all the operations that are being performed on the printer. One may get annoyed when he/she found their important work is not in the process. This issue can also be confronted by you, so it is our suggestion to take some experts’ advice instead of dealing with your own. If you are running out of time and manual troubleshooting isn’t what you want, contact HP Support for real-time assistance or remote troubleshooting from HP technicians.

The major cause of occurrence of such an error is the miscommunication between the HP printer and the operating system. However, there are more several other reasons which promote the error on the printer, let’s unveil the causes and solution for HP printer error 49.4c02. Stay tuned with this blog, you will surely get the actual answer.

Fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02

Fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02

Solutions To Fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02

1.Check and Fix The Network Issue: Follow the below procedure where you will get to know the process of checking the connection of network and troubleshooting that network issue.

  1. Check The Network Connection
  2. Check the LAN connection, and reboot your computer system at once
  3. Make sure your HP printer shows up the “Ready mode”
  4. In order to sort out the issue, try to print the configuration page by visiting the menu and then select print configuration
  5. If you can print the configuration page, you must eliminate the network connection to retain the stable performance
  6. Follow the Steps To Troubleshoot Network Issue
  7. Configure the IP address first
  8. Once it shows the Ready mode, You have to upgrade the firmware of your HP printer

Re-install the drivers for your printer

2.Clear The Printing Queues

  1. Follow The Below Procedure To Clear The Printing Queues
  2. Go to “Start” option and then move your cursor to “Printers” and “Faxes”
  3. Start the printing queue and if nothing is important, you can freely remove the printing jobs from the queue
  4. Now, delete each job from the queue and be assure that everything has been cleared
  5. After that try to print again

3.Update The Firmware Of Your HP Printer

  1. In order to update the printer’s firmware, you can try the following methods:
  2. Print the configuration page of your printer
  3. You can see the “Firmware Date Code”, and the Firmware version on the printed copy of configuration page
  4. Now, check the date and if it’s too old, update it instantly

If the issue is still persisting and you are no longer to control it, then calling on our helpline number will be effective for you. Our technicians will answer your call and they will let you inform all the procedure at an ease way. After that you can definitely eradicate this error from the root within a short span of time as our team member is expert.


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