There can be infuriating situation evolve when using HP computer or laptop. Most of time you notice that your computer gets freeze and won’t respond to the keyword. The real cause of HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10 issue is because of updating Windows system from previous version to the latest upgraded one that is Windows 10. If your laptop is running on Windows 10 and want to boot the system but unfortunately it is not processing, then you may try to hard restart or power reset to get the problem fixed. This is really serious trouble happening with the HP Laptop device. With some basic troubleshooting tips and tricks, you can easily eradicate the HP computer startup problems. In this guide, you will find the relevant steps of getting rid of the HP laptop won’t boot windows 10 issues. Before we discuss its fixing process, you need to understand the basic reason behind this issue to be happened. So, without any delay, let’s read out the post from top-to-toe more carefully and consciously


How To Fix HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10?
How To Fix HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10?

What Causes HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10?

The list of possible causes for the appearance of HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10 is noted underneath:

  • Something went wrong in Hardware
  • Due to Power Supply failure
  • Short circuit in the cables, wires or sockets could also lead to same problem
  • Technical error present in Operating Systems
  • Poor electric connectivity
  • Software confliction
  • Laptop may not be charged fully

Useful Methods To Fix HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10 Issue

Some of you who are having HP laptop may be facing issues of Windows 10 Won’t Boot and look for the fixing guide. So, here you go with the solving process:

Method 1: Fix With Windows Boot Genius

Try to make use of Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius which is a Windows system free tool offers numerous functions for Windows users, they are Windows Rescue, Password & Key Recovery, Data Recovery and Disk Tools. Each function has several sub-functions to choose. With this software, you can fix most common Windows 10 problems such as computer crashes, files disappear, can’t boot, Windows login password loses, etc. Therefore, here is the guidelines which let you to use Windows Boot Genius tool in order to efficiently deal with the HP laptop won’t turn-on issue:

  • First visit the official site of Windows Boot Genius on your HP laptop to get it downloaded and installed
  • Next, open this software and then prepare a blank CD/DVD/USB. Insert the drive to that accessible computer and then click “Burn” button to burn a bootable disk
  • Now get back to your HP laptop, restart it and then press F2/F10/Delete button, then after have to enter BIOS setting, change the setting to boot from your removal drive. Then save the changes and exit. Wait for a while and then you will see the indication of Windows Boot Genius in HP laptop.
  • Choose “Windows Rescue” tab and then in the left side of this interface, there are “HP Solution Center” and “Function Center”. Just select “Crash before loading bar” and then follow the prompts to complete the task
  • At the end, exit Windows Boot Genius and then remove the drive. Restart HP laptop again, your computer will be turn on as usual

If this method is not helpful in exterminating HP Laptop Won’t Boot  Windows 10 issue, just chill! We have another possible ways to deal with it. Let’s glimpse!

Method 2: Perform A Hard Reset

For Hard Reset with an ease, follow the following steps:

  • Turn off your HP laptop first. Disconnect all the external connected peripheral devices
  • With the power off and the power cord disconnected, press the “Power” button on your laptop for 5 seconds. The power light indicator might turn on briefly but then it goes off.
  • Reconnect the power cord and turn on your laptop.
  • If the HP Laptop turns-on, troubleshooting is complete
  • If the HP Laptop Won’t Boot yet, continue troubleshooting with using next method

Method 3: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The desired steps to resolve HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10 issue are noted below just follow them one-by-one:

  • The very first step you should take is to shut down your Windows 10 PC
  • Now, reboot the computing system after couple of minutes
  • Then, choose the booting options available on the screen
  • Restart your system in the “Safe Mode”
  • Then after uninstall the new software
  • Turn on the computing system and get into BIOS
  • Open your computing devices now
  • In the next step, you have to remove and reinstall all the components appropriately
  • Afterward, plug-in for your computer and then visit a repair shop

Use HP Laptop Support To Rectify The HP Laptop Won’t Boot Issue

Have you tried out all the a fore-mentioned directives? Yet not solve HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10? Don’t worry! Dial helpline number for reliable and instant HP Laptop Support from well-qualified technicians.