Google Cloud Print allows you to connect your printer to the Internet and then print with that Internet-connected device. Though, you can also share your printer with anyone who has a Google account, and use the service with both Cloud Ready printers and normal printers. The problem might you face that your Printer Not Printing any document and it takes two general forms. It could be the user prints the document by entering the cloud printing queue, but then the job is never executed or else it could be that the print job never even reaches the queue. The solutions are here! Simply read out the complete blog post carefully.

Are you using a printer which is compatible with Google’s cloud printing? This is important because sometimes Google Cloud Print has issues with printers that aren’t cloud ready and will require a connected PC or Mac to act as a bridge. To fix printing problems, you should have a tour till the end of the page.

Fix Printing Issues with Google Cloud Print
Fix Printing Issues with Google Cloud Print

Methods to Fix Printing Issues with The Cloud Print Service Of Google

Follow the below given instructions one by one carefully and then try to remove your printing issue. We are giving some common resolutions by which you can troubleshoot any kind of printer problems. Take a brief look at once:

Printer Must Be ON and Connected

To make use of the Google Cloud Print service, the printer must be ON and set up correctly. You can check the setup instructions for your Cloud Ready Printer on the Google Cloud Print information page. If you are accessing a printer, make sure that the printer is switched on and it is connected to the computer on which you have set up the Google Cloud Print connector.

Update The Printer Driver and Firmware

When you update the driver and firmware of your printer, it acquires the latest improvements and features of this device. Visit the official website to check for the availability of printer updates, and install its latest driver or firmware. If your printer won’t print documents even after the update, then make sure that you have configured your printer with the Cloud Print of Google. For that, first you should have a printer device that connects to your Wi-Fi network and then a PC with Google Chrome.

Is your HP Printer Not Printing yet even after performing these above two tasks? Now you are tensed because there are so many official works on pending and your printer refuges to print a single document. Having confusion that what to do now, how to bring printer to work properly? Just be calm! Your printing problems could be exterminated from the root only when you contact us. Dial the helpline number and share your nasty problems. It will be sorted out within a pinch.