Firewall software is the most powerful software that helps to block threats external your network, but some configurations or settings options can block the message with network printers. Often, firewall blocking driver install or printer function and other technical challenges arise when we try to do some changes in the firewall software. Often, a situation might be very hard as some changes in the configuration and setting stop the discussion with printer network. With the purpose of reorganizing the function, you would ask the real help of HP Printer Support team. Technical experts have good knowledge of reorganizing the function properly.

Fix Firewall Blocking Driver Install or Printer Function
Fix Firewall Blocking Driver Install or Printer Function

What Technical challenges in Firewall Software bring changes?

  1. You are not able to install the printer software.
  2. While installing the printer software, the printing device cannot observe on the network.
  3. Some functions of your printing machine work, when others do not.
  4. Your printing machine doesn’t print unexpectedly.
  5. The printer status shows as disconnected although the printing device has connected to the network.

To decide if your firewall software is causing the problem, use HP print and scan doctor to hinder temporarily the firewall software, and configure the firewall software using your security software, if required.

Disable Firewall Software Through HP print and Scan Doctor

Implementation of HP print and scan doctor software is extremely compulsory aspect to disable the firewall software. It will fix firewall blocking driver install or printer function problems.

  1. This is the first step to download the HP print and scan doctor and install it on your computer system.  You need to evaluate its performance via driver installation. In such a case, it needs to crack in terms of performance.
  2. A window open named as HP print and scan doctor 5.0.
  3. Click on network.
  4. It would be extremely helpful to click on troubleshooting firewall software.
  5. You need to click on any software having enabled status. You need to disable it which has remarked as sketched. Repeat this procedure unless the firewall software has disabled.
  6. After disabling all printer firewall with the help of the above process, you need to install the printer software and get profitable outcomes for your printing machine.
  7. When the printer software installation process has completed, you can activate HP and scan doctor again to take U-turn from varied conflictions. Then, you can permit HP program.
  8. If the printer functionality is available in the desired phase, you need to re-enable the print and scan doctor software in your computer system. Then, you should move on the next step to permit all HP programs.
  9. Activation of the multiple firewalls doesn’t indicate to build your computer system more safe and secure. Similarly, multiple firewalls have activated, you would have to hinder all and put down one as enable a firewall.

Create the configuration of the firewall-

Antivirus and computer security programs and software like McAfee and Norton including firewall software that monitors clear communications to your computer system for threats.  You need to follow all the steps given below-

  1. Configure firewall settings in windows defender
  2. Configure firewall settings in other security software

Thereby whole this process is accurate and hassle-free to resolve firewall blocking driver install or printer function problems. Still, if you’re facing any error, you can dial HP Printer Support Phone Number to get complete guidance from printer experts.