Many people are familiar with the setup procedure of wireless HP printer device. It requires a desktop or laptop to be directly connected to one another via a specific, often expensive, cable. However, in order to access a Wireless HP Printer it is required to Enter SSID for the connectivity. You can use HP Printer Support for availing some reliable and cost-effective solutions. Why we suggest you to opt our service is that numbers of highly expert technicians are working here only to deliver you exact possible solutions.

HP printer manufacturers are now producing wireless printers. HP printers can be connected to any computer that is part of a wireless network. All that is needed to accomplish this wireless connectivity is the SSID and required password.

Enter SSID In A Wireless HP Printer
Enter SSID In A Wireless HP Printer

Steps To Enter SSID In A Wireless HP Printer

Follow the below directed steps so that you will come to know the procedure of entering SSID in a wireless HP Printer:

  • Acquire the SSID and pass phrase for your wireless network. The SSID is the name of the wireless network.The pass phrase is the sequence of characters that should be entered to meet the network security requirements.
  • Turn on your computer and wireless HP printer
  • Insert the printer’s installation disc into your computer and start the installation. If the disc does not begin to play automatically, then navigate to your disc drive and double click on that icon
  • Select the “wireless” option when impelled during installation. Most wireless printers also allow the users to connect them as wired printers. So it is important to make this distinction during installation
  • Input your SSID when prompted
  • Enter your pass phrase when prompted
  • Now, print a test page to make sure that the computer can effectively communicate with the wireless printer

Final Expression While:Enter SSID In A Wireless HP Printer

Don’t feel disheartened! If you are yet unable to enter the SSID in a wireless HP printer. You only need to make connection with them via dialing HP Printer Support Number. They will provide you blue-chip services at minimal cost.