Just because of having problems with Wi-Fi, connectivity and power supply, your HP printer goes offline. The time when your printing page stuck into the printer is more frustrating. So, take HP Support to resolve this issue. Due to miscommunication between your computer and printer, a message “Printer is Offline” will display on the screen. Hence, check the printer whether it is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. The document would print properly after bringing your HP printer online. Get united with our dexterous tech-geeks as they will only provide you all the possible steps at an ease.

There is an in-built option available in the Windows that allow you to Change My Printer from Offline to Online. You should only change the settings. In settings, you have to uncheck the checkbox “Use Printer Offline”. After doing it, your HP printer will get online back. Continuous reading this article, your query will surely end up over here.

I Change My Printer from Offline to Online
I Change My Printer from Offline to Online

Procedures to Change My Printer from Offline to Online

Take a look at the below points as we have mentioned some effective way to troubleshoot this offline issue from your HP printer.

  • Connecting to the WI-FI Network

Sometimes, you send a document to print but nothing happens. So, how do you find your printer queue and push the print command completely? First, you need to connect your HP printer device to the same WI-FI network as your computer connected. Otherwise, the print task that you are performing will stuck at one point. The printer has a simple menu where you can access the WI-FI networks. Make sure you connect to the precise network. Click Print on the selected document, select the printer and push through the task. This will send it to the printer queue and execute the copy of that document.

  • Connecting Through Ethernet

An Ethernet connection is comparable the same as WI-FI in simply bringing the printer online. To do this, you have to plug the hard-line cord into your internet port. If you are operating in a basic network, press Print on the document and select the printer.

  • Is Your Printer Installed?

If you have brought your printer online but yet it does not work, you may have to install the printer driver on your computer. You may be able to permanently solve this HP printer offline issue by making sure the printer is properly configured. Access your settings, and then click Devices. Select Printers and Scanners and choose Add Device. You can install the printer to your computer. Now, you can effortlessly print all the documents that you are in needed.

Are you unable to understand the above written information? Want perfect or actual solutions of Offline issue from deft engineers? If really so, then try to avail HP Printer Support via dialing our toll-free provided number. Your query will be sorted out within a minute as the issue is being tackled under the expert’s side.