Wireless technology has released us from the tyranny of cables, permitting us to use our computing gadgets effectively from anywhere, while remaining connected to the Internet. Over the previous few years, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology wireless technology has begun appearing in the printing machines. Wi-Fi enabled printers have many benefits as you connect your printing device into your home network. Or you can share it with different devices in your home. Some kinds of printers feature Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth support allows you wirelessly print off breaks that you have taken on your phone without transferring them to your system. As Wi-Fi is searching its way into more and more devices, Bluetooth printing has become less popular compared with Wi-Fi printing.  Let’s see some ways you can take the benefits of a printer’s wireless features.

I print wirelessly without Internet
I print wirelessly without Internet

Wi-Fi Printing- A Convenient & Quick Way to Share HP Printer with Desired Devices

Wireless printing is very convenient and fast because it enables you to share your printer with your computing devices. All printer manufacturers offer such types of models that have Wi-Fi on-board. Naturally, to establish wireless printing, you will have a wireless network in your home. But, most users with a broadband connection will previously have a wireless router as broadband suppliers contain them.

3 Important Ways to Connect Your Printing Machine to Wi-Fi Network

First Way to Connect Your Printing Machine to Wi-Fi Network

There are 3 main important ways to connect your printing machine into your Wi-Fi Network. You can connect the device like using Wi-Fi protected set-up, using printer’s on-board wireless setup wizard.   Or connecting your printing device to your system through USB and using the delivered software to configure the wireless connection. In the case of Printer Offline Windows 10, firstly you have to bring your printer online. If you upgrade your windows, you need to bring back your printer from offline to online.

The simplest option is to use WPS if router and printer both support it. With WPS, you don’t have to identify your network’s name or password. In its place, you choose the WPS option on your printing machine through its control panel and press WPS option on your wireless router. The two devices will communicate with each other automatically to set up the connection. When the connection needs to set up, you need to install the driver software from your printer’s installation CD-ROM on all the systems in the network.

Second Way to Connect Your Printing Machine to Wi-Fi Network

The way to configure your printing machine is to use its wireless setup wizard. To use it, you will recognize your Wi-Fi network’s name and its password. The wizard will conduct a full scan to find out nearby networks.  You choose the name of your network from the list and enter its password. When the password enters rightly, your printing device must be available on your network. You will have to install the printer driver software for your printing device on all the computer systems.

Then, you can begin printing from anywhere in your home.

Last Solution to Connect Your Printing Machine Through Wi-Fi Network

The final solution is to configure your printing device just by connecting it to your computer system through USB. Some users may find out this option simpler than the second method.

Before connecting your device to your computer’s USB port, check carefully you have loaded the printer’s installation software from CD-ROM provided with it. It will direct you via the set up procedure and ask you while you want to use a USB or Wi-Fi connection. Easily select Wi-Fi button, choose your network name and enter its password. The software will send this information directly to the printer’s memory, and install the printer drivers on your system. Don’t disremember that you will have to install the drivers on all the systems in your network. In case of HP Printer Offline, you should bring your printer online firstly. Then, you can follow above process step by step to print any document easily.