It is very common news when you execute the print command and cannot find the most suitable result as per your expectation. Moreover, an individual should have to face worse condition as their printer has decided to stop it overall performance.  In this situation, it is the general practice to go on google and search the most accurate idea to resolve the technical issue.  The fine remedy of problem will get in case you straightforwardly type the exact query the problem removal.  A number of problems are associated in printer with high resolution definition. Being a customer support executive, we have gotten lots of queries related to bad performance of printer.  In the absence of our team, you must know what to do if printer is not printing properly. Following this process suits to be good wherever you are not in the situation to wait for long. Don’t be upset as we have compiled the list of do thing as printer has stopped to yield the black printing.

what to do if printer is not printing properly
what to do if printer is not printing properly

What basic thing to start?

  • It is very first step to switch off your printer, unplug the power cord and cable. Thereafter, you would have to disconnect the USB cable. After spending a few hours, you can reconnect your printer and plus it back as quickly. Then, you can turn on your printer. It is the prime option to escape from the option of Printer Not Printing.  Now, you should lose your confidence that printing outcome is underway.
  • Search the option the Quality diagnostic report and go print testing page. Its shows the option manage your device. This device contains the variety of functions. Also, you can manage setting for that function.
  • You can find the numerous options and come on print a test page.
  • On the printer display screen, you find the suitable option for checking the page available or not. After that, you can check the printer guide sequentially.
  • Check the printer ink level and double its ink volume in your ink cartridges. In case you are not using the ink cartridges, then you do not need to show ink level in cartridges.

Check the ink cartridges:

  • It is obvious to change it ink cartridges if there is the lack of ink volume. It is supposed to change ink cartridges if link volume is totally empty.
  • Also, you would have to make sure that your ink cartridges are snapped in the right position or not. It is placed in the appropriate slot or not.
  • Make sure you have removed the tape over vent or not.

Conclusion: You should not regret if the performance of printer is not up to mark. Every unexpected result of printer demands the overhauling and recommended repairing in it.  Aside from all major challenge, you ought to ask the soon assistance of our technical team.  They are helping you a lot while facing your Printer Not Printing Black. The association of great idea enforces to recover from problem. In the urgency case, you must talk to our toll free number.