HP is a well-known reliable and successful name in producing different kinds of computing devices. In the age of latest technology, HP is the first choice of almost every user worldwide. With mission of inventing new things, this company has created a part of the loyal customer base. But in the case of new HP users, they experience few technical errors at times. If you are a Windows operating system user and among the beginners in terms of operating and installing the printer, you are at the right place. To install HP printer, you should follow best technical guidelines suggested by printer experts of installing the HP printer in the most appropriate ways. Just by following these guidelines, you can get the best solutions for complete and successful installation process. In addition, you can get the best HP Printers Support services from printer experts to perform the basic troubleshooting instructions correctly.

Complete Guide to Install HP Printer on Windows OS

Complete Guide to Install HP Printer on Windows OS

Online Technical Instructions for Installing HP Printer on Windows Operating System: –

It is strongly recommended to follow the technical instructions in the ascending order as they are provided. Missing any technical step will lead to technical difficulty and confusions in the installation procedure.

Step 1:In the first step, you need to go to the control panel. You should go for next option.

Step 2: – In the second step, you have to select, “hardware and sound” button.

Step 3: – Thirdly, you should open “Device and Printer”.

Step 4: – You have to click on the top right “Add a printer” button.

Step 5: – Choose, “Add a network” Bluetooth or wireless printer and the click on the next button.

Step 6: – Next, choose to “add printer using a IP/ TCP.

Step 7: – You should click on next option.

Step 8: – You must type your printer IP address and click on next option to continue.

Step 9: – In this step, you need to enter IP address of printer and login to your wireless router.

Step 10: – Finally, you must enter IP address to connect the printer finally. Thus, you can install your HP printer on windows operating system successfully. In the case of any confusions or questions, you can get best HP Printer Support from certified printer technicians over a short period of time.

Just by following above technical instructions, you can complete your installation process of HP printer in the right ways. Still, if you are facing technical difficulties with installation of HP printer, you can best technical steps recommended by printer technicians.